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Stories from 2018

Meet Stefan, our new Web Developer

There’s a new face at Pad HQ. Meet Stefan Staykov, our new Web Developer who joined us earlier in 2018. In February, Stefan packed a... Read more

Get Gourmet French Food On The Go

Did you know that one-third of all e-commerce sales are now made on a mobile device? And that figure is expected to rise to 50... Read more

Book tells the story of Joseph Levy’s life and charitable work

Joe Levy was a remarkable man. Born 1906 in Acton, west London, he started his working life as an office junior in an estate agency,... Read more

Reporting for duty with AMC Group

Annual Reports are among the most important documents produced by a company so it’s crucial to get them right from the start of the process.... Read more

War website brings history to life

This year marks 100 years since the end of the Great War. The conflict, which many expected to be over in months, went on for... Read more

Building a brand with firm foundations

Solid foundations are important for any new venture – and builders know that more than most. So when Aizhan Nurdauletova and Halit Hakseven were setting... Read more

Pad Creative

We’re bending over backwards for International Yoga Day

The Pad team are known for their flexibility but you might not know that that flexibility extends beyond an adaptable outlook – each Thursday they... Read more

Tight deadline? No problem

There were just three weeks to go when Quality Teaching Staff signed up for the Global Education Supplies and Solutions (GESS) conference in Dubai. Syed... Read more

Website is just Parr-fect

Take a look at, the website for estate agent, Parr London. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or letting, it’s really easy to get around... Read more

In Concert with Trinity School

You know a school is special when it can host concerts by internationally acclaimed musicians. When Croydon’s Trinity School opened its new Music School, the... Read more

Retro design solution for cutting-edge conference

Q: How do you get your conference material to stand out from the crowd? A: Ask Pad Creative to design the publicity material and give... Read more

A touch of luxury for beauty business

When you run a beauty business you need everything to look its best – and that includes your logo and website. Beauty therapist, Zamy, is... Read more