Alison, Director of Creative Services

Helping brands to launch, evolve and tell their stories since 2002

An independent, established and highly creative, brand design and digital agency.

We’ve worked with some clients for over 15 years and from what they tell us, we’re a joy to work with: responsive, low on ego and able to ‘get’ what clients are looking to achieve.

Not only are we a great agency to work with, we’re also a great agency to work for and this is why we have such good employee retention. We’re proud of our team and so you’ll have direct access to our designers and developers, allowing you to form a close working relationship with no middlemen getting in the way.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide fixed quotes – up front – and deliver on your deadlines. Our ‘right first time’ approach to taking your design brief, saves you both time and budget… not too shabby!

Who we are

Peter Jacobs, Co-founder and Director of Online Services

Peter Jacobs

Co-founder and Director of Online Services

Oversees all things web, making sure everything looks great and works as it should.

Co-founded Pad at the ripe old age of 24, having crammed in a range of jobs in the design sector ranging from technical illustrator to image-retoucher to magazine designer.

He brews his own booze in the cupboard under the stairs… badly… and can be found at some dingy gig venue when not listening to Test Match Special.

Alison Steward, Co-founder and Director of Creative Services

Alison Steward

Co-founder and Director of Creative Services

The creative captain of the good ship Pad Creative who has kept us not only afloat but sailing strong since 2002.

Alison co-founded Pad with a passion to offer you much more than most design agencies, with higher levels of service, creativity, closer relationships and a wide range of services all offered under the same roof.

A keen archer and Zumba lover who made the transition from a ‘cat person’ to a ‘dog person’ with the arrival of the the Pad team mascot. Has also been known to partake in fire walks!

Jon Garrard, Director of Business Development

Jon Garrard

Director of Business Development

Will often be your first point of call when interacting with Pad.

Joined many, many years ago (before Gmail was launched!) as a designer, fresh from completing a degree in Visual Communication. As Pad grew, Jon segwayed into a business development role. He has a thorough understanding of everything we take care of for clients, from how your brand is perceived to how you reach the top of Google. He remains hands on during the creative process, not only ensuring the work we create looks great, but prides himself on ensuring that this work helps deliver the specific results you are looking to achieve.

Outside of work Jon is a runner (when its warm and light in the evenings), a keen cricketer who manages his ‘village’ side and he loves the odd pint – which has been paused as he embarks on a ‘one year sober challenge’ to help raise money for a charity he is closely involved with, as a volunteer and fundraiser, raising over £30,000 with his family the past 5 years.

If you have a project you’d be interested in discussing, email or call 020 8662 6030

Bex Blackett, Designer

Bex Blackett


Bex is the mum of the group, not because she takes care of us (she’s too focused on being creative for that) but because she has two children. Bex joined Pad in 2006 after completing a Graphic Design degree. Bex is a highly creative country bumpkin who grew up in a house with a ‘boot room’.

Not content designing for Pad’s clients, Bex also designs herself, painting her nails most days to make sure they coordinate with her outfit, so serious is her dedication to her nails, Bex keeps her nail polish in the fridge!

Leah Martin, Designer

Leah Martin


She may look friendly but…

Leah is a friendly, approachable member of the Pad team. She loves a chat, but it’s difficult telling her to ‘Shut the F up’ as she is a black belt second dan in Tae Kwon-do – and as hard as nails.

Since Leah joined Pad she’s ‘never worked a day’ not because she’s lazy (far from it) but because Leah loves what she does so much she doesn’t feel like it’s work.

A keen doodler and illustrator, when not ‘kicking the @%$*’ out of people for fun, and she loves traveling the world.

Joe Foskett, Designer

Joe Foskett


Boys to men…

Joe joined Pad after several stints of work experience here while at school. We’re not sure he’s had his hair cut since.

He’s is a music lover and can often be found at a gig over the weekend. He loves football, especially his beloved Crystal Palace who lose or draw most games near to the Pad HQ.

Joe’s claim to fame is sharing his birthday with Dolly Parton, hopefully one day they’ll share the same hairdresser too.

Riya Gandhi, Web Developer

Riya Gandhi

Web Developer

A strange bunch, but not this one…

Web developers tend to be a strange bunch, kept locked away from clients in darkened rooms, not so here at Pad. Riya is a friendly, bubbley, approachable personality here at Pad. She also has a very dry sense of humour.

Not only highly skilled in writing code, Riya also has design flair and the ability to turn the design team’s creations into highly interactive websites that deliver results.

Claims to fame are her birthday AND surname being shared with the great Mahatma Gandhi. Has also been known to have a weird love for penguins, apparently – “they are just fab”

Winnie, Office Dog


Office Dog

What is there to say – Winnie is a joy to work with, brightens up everyone’s day and is in charge of ‘meet and greet’.

Please get in touch to discuss your project. We don’t do “hard sell” just great advice backed by years of experience.