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Georganics Branding and packaging

Manufacturers of 100% natural and zero-waste, tooth care products, manufactured in the UK and sold worldwide. Pad created a visual style to work across all products, helping to gain brand exposure and a loyal customer base, while also attracting business from leading high street stockists such as Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods.

GEOrganics brand design - toothpaste jars
GEOrganics brand design - jar and bottle
GEOrganics brand and packaging design
GEOrganics brand design - stick
GEOrganics logo design - symbol
Alex Rocchi from Georganics

We've been working with Pad from the very start of Georganics. It's been great and well worth it, our products design gets complimented every single time.

Alex Rocchi Owner/Founder Georganics

GEOrganics packaging design - schematics