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Georganics – it’s the whole package

Georganics – it’s the whole package

As Alex Rocchi’s online business ( grew in popularity he decided to invest in professional branding as the next logical step to expand his enterprise.

Alex is the founder of Georganics, a range of natural, organic oral care products all made entirely by hand. Toothpaste and mouthwash are available in charcoal, coconut, mandarin, mint and ginger. The traditional recipes use natural products to remineralise teeth, freshen breath and reduce plaque while avoiding harsh chemicals.

He said: “I started out making the natural toothpaste and mouthwash by hand at home and selling them from my eBay shop. Now we’re a team of four and the products are still available online but you can also find them in Wholefoods stores throughout the UK as well as Spain, Hong Kong and Austria.”

The branding was a big step for Alex so he considered design companies carefully and Pad was the natural choice. He said: “They were friendly, interested in the brand and excited to work with me. I had a good idea of what I wanted and Adam managed to translate that into brilliant branding and packaging that will grow as our product range expands. I knew straight away I had made the right choice with Pad and that was reinforced as the project continued. We get compliments on the design every day and our Instagram account is full of really positive feedback.”

When Adam set to work on the initial designs, he took his inspiration from strong yet minimal, natural-looking imagery with flattened colouring. He said: “We wanted to create a contemporary brand that is strong yet versatile and can adapt as the products evolve and expand. The leaf symbol was part of our original pitch and that never changed throughout the whole process.

“Alex is continually introducing new products into the range so we’re evolving the designs to accommodate these. We recently finished work on packaging for bamboo and electronic toothbrushes, so our job now is to keep the integrity of the original design – the flat colours, leaf motif and typography treatment – while working to different shapes and structures.”

A young, contemporary brand that’s growing fast and evolving to keep up with demand. Now that’s something to smile about.