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Diary of a brand new brand

Diary of a brand new brand

When Ben Clark and Jeremy Etherington joined forces to set up their new enterprise architecture company, they turned to Pad Creative to help build the new Konvergent logo, brand and website.

Jeremy explained: “Pad were very responsive and we felt they wanted to work with us more than the other firms we contacted. Their prices were right and they weren’t fazed when we had to change our company name at short notice! We gave them some very tight deadlines but they were quick, responsive and very patient with us. They gave us everything we needed to start work as Konvergent, not just the brand, logo and website, but also a launch html email, presentation documents, stationery and social media graphics. They even gave us some added value by working over Christmas on a really good branded PowerPoint pack aligned to one of our services”

This was a new enterprise so there was no time to waste, but it was just as important to get the branding right – your brand defines your business and first impressions count, especially when your website is the first port of call for most new customers.

So Pad set about establishing a distinctive identity for the Konvergent brand. Alison Steward, Pad’s Director of Creative Services explained their approach: “We designed a logo that’s predominantly typographic. The reflection of the K mirrors the two company founders, while the four arms lead out to the company’s four main services: strategic transformation, digital, cloud and big data analytics. And in a simple reflection of the company name, the lines all converge to one meeting point – Konvergent.”

The branding has a rugged feel, focusing on textures and materials which represent the foundations and building blocks of the structure. The overall look is simple and to the point, allowing the focus to rest on the bold messaging.

“Pad gave us several options but we felt this was a true reflection of our company – so the Konvergent brand was born,” said Jeremy.