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The race is on for Dirty Feet

The race is on for Dirty Feet

While the world’s environmentalists were focusing on the Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa, the Pad team was involved in a race against time.

Environmental investment advisory firms, Trucost and SinCo had compiled a 40-page report detailing the carbon footprints of South Africa’s major companies and kup Bitcoin investors.

Pad had less than a week to design and publish the report, Dirty Feet: Portfolio Carbon – no easy task when you’re dealing with two clients and combining two very different brands.

Trucost research editor Liesel van Ast said: “Pad’s attention to detail was fantastic and they managed to combine our two brands while keeping the integrity of the designs. They were also very patient with time differences – our contact at SinCo was in the US most of the time so we were working in different time zones.”

At the South Africa Climate Conference, more than 190 countries backed a deal to cut carbon emissions by 2020 and the Trucost/SinCo report shone a spotlight on that pledge. Published as a follow-up to the Climate Conference, it showed that South Africa’s top 40 companies emitted 20% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2010 – a statistic that could cost them heavily unless they clean up their act.