Training the Sarsaparilla Marketing way

Training is another area we have been keen to explore in order to develop various aspects of the Pad ensemble. In any business there are elements that can always be improved upon but it is not always obvious, especially when you are trying to evaluate yourself!

Sometimes, you need someone else to tell you how to make the necessary changes. We at Pad Creative embrace the challenge of continual improvement and as we grow as a business, we head towards expanding ideas and endless possibilities. We extensively researched the idea of training and what we wanted to achieve as individuals and as a thriving company. ‘Sarsaparilla’ was the answer; why not have a look at their website

Kimberly Davis (marketing expert from the BBC’s The Apprentice) worked with Pad Creative to review their approach to their own marketing and their clients marketing activity. The team found Sarsaparilla’s Marketing Purification most enlightening.